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20010/11 Match Rules

1.         Match entry fee 1.50 to be paid into club funds by Match Secretary. Optional pool of 6.00 to be paid before making draw for peg, competitors name to be recorded. Any angler leaving before the whistle will be eliminated from this draw, information on payouts can be obtained from Match Secretary on the day     

2.         All matches shall be pegged, and each competitor shall fish within one metre of their peg, where possible.

3.         Each competitor will only fish the water at their peg. On still waters, the limit to be midway between each peg. On moving water, one metre above your peg to one metre above the next person below. When competitors are fishing opposite each other, the middle is to be the limit or at the Match Secretary’s discretion. See also Rule 16.

4.         Competitors may only fish with one rod and a single hook at any time. Competitors may have more than one rod set up, but only one may be baited and in use.

5.         Competitors may mix groundbait before the start of the match; they may also plumb the depth, but not with a swim feeder. Competitors may also check shotting of floats. No loose feeding /ground baiting before the match starts 

6.         Competitors may not wade. 

7.         Peanuts, live- and dead-baits are all banned from club-run matches. 

8.         In the event of two (or more) anglers landing the same fish at the same time, that fish will not count. 

9.         All fish in season count at the weigh-in excluding Pike and Zander. 

10.       All fish to be retained in a keepnet for weighing, no other receptacle to be used. Silver fish and carp to be kept in separate nets. 

11.       All fish to be weighed at the competitor’s peg. 

12.       In the event of a large fish being hooked before the end of a match, that competitor will have 15 minutes after the all out to land that fish. If it takes longer, that fish will not count at the weigh-in. 

13.       No rods to be left unattended whilst fishing a match. 

14.       Should he or she break any of these rules, the competitor may be disqualified and banned from fishing any club contest in the future. The disqualified competitor will have to be reported to the Chairman/ Secretary, and that competitor will also have the right to appeal to the club committee, but only in person. The committee’s decision to be final. 

15.       Any club match which is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions may be re-organised to another club water or suitable available venue.   

16.       Reference ClayPit matches: pegs 17 to 20 inclusive and 6 to 11 inclusive may only fish to half the distance of the opposite bank. Pegs 2 to 5 inclusive are not to cast past pegs 6 and 20. Pegs 12 to 16 inclusive are not to cast past pegs 11 and 17.

Membership Responsibilities

Members are reminded of their responsibilitities to other members, the owners of our waters and the environment. Club rules must be followed at all times. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone leaving litter will lose their membership.

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