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Wallington Hall Lake 3 - artist's impression
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Please Email photos of your DM&DAA catches to us: Please include details such as your name, age, weight of catch, where caught and when.

Wallington Knock-Out: Lake 3, June 21st, 2015

S Gilbey  won with 22lb 7oz. Notable catches included these bream and tench:
M Ellis - bream, each about 41/2lbLake 3 tench

Treadfast Shield, Clay Pit, June 7th 2015

S Roslyn won with 66lb 14oz. Notable catches included over 40lb of silvers by D Bellham:
crucian catchP Bourn's carp
D Bellham - 14lb 9oz of lovely cruciansJ Bourn - 12lb 3oz carp

First Evening Match, Clay Pit, June 17th (Alflatt Cup)

As you can see it was a late evening due to the high weights in the match.
Alan Newton with 13lb 12oz carp, total weight 30lb 03oz, 3rd at the first evening match at the clay pitRay Cook winner of first evening match at the clay pit, some of the carp in a total of 64lb 8oz - new 3 hour match record
Alan Newton with 13lb 12oz carp, total weight 30lb 3oz, 
3rd place
Ray Cook, winner of first evening match, with some of the carp in a total of 64lb 8oz -  a new 3 hour match record
Neil Paske with double 1st evening match at the clay pit
Jimmy Brooks and Ray Cook weighing in Clive Barr's catchNeil Paske with a double-figure carp

Carrington Cup, 1st Round, Head Fen, June 21st

Top weight was 63lb 14oz (Darren Belham)

Waiting to weigh in
Weighing in Ray Cook's catch of 48lb 4oz
Mark Newton and Peter Scragg waiting to weigh inWeighing in Ray Cook's 48lb 4oz for third place

Wednesday Night Match, Clay Pit, July 8th (Silverfish Shield)

Photos of the match in progress

Malcolm Plumb in action
Waitng for a bite
Malcolm Plumb in actionMark Newton waiting for a bite
Match in progress
Another one comes to the net
Match in progressAnother one comes to the net

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