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2015/16 Club Rules

  1. Anglers must hold a current EA licence.
  2. Fish from permanent pegs only.
  3. Juniors under the age of 14 years old must hold a junior book and be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian. Juniors 14 and over must be accompanied by a senior book holder. Junior is defined as under the age of 16 at the commencement of the current season.
  4. Any Litter in the vicinity of your swim must be cleared up before fishing. No litter to be left. No excuses accepted.
  5. No keepnets to be used at the Clay Pit between 16th June & 30th September inclusive. Except for matches organised by the club.
  6. Keepnets permitted from 1st October. No carp to be kept in keepnets.
  7. No fish to be removed from fisheries; all to be returned unharmed.
  8. Members may only use a maximum of 2 rods on club waters. No rods to be left unattended.
  9. Anglers are allowed to fish from dawn till dusk on all waters except Wallington Hall, where fishing may start at 5.30am until 9.45pm.  No night fishing allowed. Note: Wallington Hall gates will be locked at 10pm, if you are inside you will be locked in.
  10. No drink cans, or tins allowed at fisheries i.e. no Coke tins, beer cans, luncheon meat or sweetcorn tins, etc.
  11. Peanuts banned on all waters.
  12. No meat baits (ie dog food, cat food, luncheon meat, etc.) to be used on any club water.
  13. No cycling on banks.
  14. Noise, i.e. radios, shouting etc., to be kept to a minimum and must not disturb or cause a nuisance to other anglers.
  15. Do not damage banks or bank side vegetation.
  16. Floating baits are banned on the Clay Pit.
  17. No livebaiting allowed on club waters.
  18. It is the responsibility of all book holders to report to a club official, as listed in this book, any part of Club Waters that the book holder believes in their opinion is unsafe, eg platforms, walkways etc. It is the angler’s sole responsibility to ensure safety of their non-fishing guests.
  19. Downham Market and District Angling Association accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage, or injury to persons or property directly or indirectly whilst on club waters or non-club water match venues (including car parking areas).
  20. No bait boats on any club water.
  21. No fish to be kept in keep nets longer than 5 hours (plus time for weighing after match).
  22. All anglers must dip their nets in the tanks provided before and after fishing.
  23. NEW RULE 2015: The use of unhooking mats is mandatory on all club waters.
  24. NEW RULE 2015: Hooks of sizes up to and including size 14 must be micro-barbed; size 16 and smaller must be barbless.
  25. All members, on production of their membership books, have the right to challenge any angler fishing club waters to produce their membership books. If they are unable to produce a book they will be expected to leave.

Membership Responsibilities

Members are reminded of their responsibilitities to other members, the owners of our waters and the environment. Club rules must be followed at all times. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone leaving litter will lose their membership.

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